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Puppy Socialization

The critical socialization period for puppies is from 3 weeks to 3 months of age. The exposure and socialization puppies receive during this time can set them up for success and help them become well-adjusted adults. Join Kassie Dickson to learn more about puppy socialization and how you can help the most vulnerable animals prepare for a lifetime of positive experiences and encounters.

About Your Speaker
Kassie Dickson

Kassie is a certified dog behaviour consultant through the International Association of Behavior Consultants, and a certified professional dog trainer assessed through the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers. She has been working with dogs and other animals from a very young age and is dedicated to continuing her education and providing humane up-to-date information and training to everyone she can. She has a special interest in dogs with fear and aggression issues.

Her ultimate goal as a behaviour specialist is to create better lines of communication between you and your dog so that you achieve the best relationship possible. Kassie currently shares her life with her 6 chickens, her senior pup Norco, and as many foster animals she can help.
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